Apply Indian E-Visa 

How can I apply an e-tourist visa to visit India?

Looking to visit in India for holidays? As everyone is aware, for that purpose you need an Indian visa to arrive and complete your travel diary. The good thing is the Indian government introduced the various plan in order to give visa services fast. A number of new countries added in the list and introduced the various type of visa. However, changes are made in recent time, that's why not everyone is aware of the procedure of applying visa for India. Here in this blog, we will fully describe the topic, how can someone apply e-visa for traveling purpose in India.

Who Needs an Indian Visa?

Not every person out of India would require a visa to visit the nation. Travelers from Bhutan and Nepal needn't bother with a visa to enter India. Maldives natives can enter India without a passport and stay for 90 days. Though, if they were visiting from a country like China, they would require an appropriate visa.

If you are residing in India for under 72 hours, you need a travel visa. Travel visa can be connected with an affirmed aircraft ticket for leaving India, inside the time. If you don't have an affirmed ticket, you would be mentioned to take an Indian e tourist visa.

What is the e-Visa of India?

In numerous nations, e-Visa is substituting orthodox type of Visa. You can without much of a stretch apply for 'Electronic Travel Authorization' through an online webpage. You will get an approval mail or you would have a PDF with required subtleties. Take a duplicate of it and you can get visa stepping after entry, at the Indian air terminal. This stamping is legitimate for 60 days and approved for three entries. If you are visiting Indian on a ship, you can even now get e-visa.

Eligibility for Tourist e-visa of India

  • Issued just for vacationers visiting India for the travel industry, medical treatment, and momentary business visit and for family visits.

  • Visa ought to have no less than a half year legitimacy and two blank pages.

  • You ought to have duplicates of your return ticket, in rational with the span, you have given the referenced in the form.

  • Kids and babies ought to have separate e-visa

Documents needed for e-visa

  • Scan passport copy

  • Passport size photo

Documents to be Submitted Upon Entrance in India

  • A printed copy of e-visa

  • Passport along with passport size photo

  • Medical insurance cover for the period of the stay.

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